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Utilities Manager clear concise water data for efficiency monitoring and accurate billing

Utilities Manager working with Water Retailers, Local Government, Businesses, Public Sector and Utilities Consultants

Water data from any source or technology can be added to Utilities Manager

Utilities Manager recieves constant water usage updates from thousands of water meters

Water usage charts, reports and alerts from the Utilities Manager Monitoring and Targeting Portal

Screengrab from Utilities Manager Monitoring and Targeting Portal

Access to essential information from the water supply meter is available through the Utilities Manager Data Portal.

The data is checked for unexpected changes in water usage, protecting your premises from damage caused by undetected water leaks.

Monitor the progress made by your organisation as it moves towards achieving a reduction in carbon emissions.

Utilities Manager working with Water Retailers to enable accurate water billing based on water usage


Every month Utilities Manager supplies water retailers with accurate usage data so that Water Bills are calculated from known usage rather than historical trends.


Water retailers using Utilities Manager to improve billing accuracy include Business Stream, Conservaqua, Pennon Water, Smarta Water and Waterplus.  Using Utilities Manager accurate water bills are issued across all sectors including retail, distribution, health, education, National and Local Government, manufacturing, transport and leisure.

Utilities Manager Big Water Data

Let's talk Big Water Data

For over a decade, Utilities Manager has been providing valuable insights into commercial water usage through our dedicated monitoring and targeting platform.


As the water sector continues to evolve, we are proud to be leading the charge in data analysis and management.


Our platform has been purpose-built to meet the needs of water management professionals, and the value we add to raw data is recognised throughout the industry.


Contact us today to learn how we can help optimise your water usage and cost savings.

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