For the millions of businesses premises without automated meter reading equipment installed Utilities Manager has developed a meter read submitting option.  If you periodically make meter reads input them into spreadsheets before sending them to your water, electricity and gas providers this service will work for you and improve understanding about your consumption.
Utilities Manager software will calculate daily meter reads between the known submitted meter readings.  With this average daily usage number you will be able to benchmark your premises against similar locations belonging to other users.  All the data is anonymous.  For single location organisations such as independent hotels, garages or retail outlets the benchmarking will show how your organisations compare with the rest of your sector.

Question - Our  water, electric and gas companies offer a similar meter read submit system.  Why use Utilities Manager?

Utilities Manager system is completely independent from any supply and service contracts.  When you change energy supplier, perhaps for a better tariff, the accumulated meter readings and usage patterns in the Energy Company's portal are lost as the account closes.  Users of Utilities Manager self-submit meter readings system are not affected by changing supplier.

The Meter Read self-submit system has been through alpha testing and is now ready for beta testing, before general release.  If you have historical meter readings, in a spreadsheet inputting them into Utilities Manager will be a simple task that will re-present your data in a standardised format enabling benchmarking and forecasts.  

At this point we welcome beta testers for Electric and Water.  

For further details contact us or call 0191 5630199