Water flow profile graph comparing main and sub meter flow

Water data can be collected from any water meter, in any country, (that has a pulse output, radio or mbus comms).  Our experience is that flow data can be collected from over 90% of revenue meters.  

If we know the manufacturer and meter serial number we can tell you if data logging is possible.  If your water meter cannot be logged it is probably due for a routine meter exchange by the Water Supply company.  Sometimes, a second meter can be cut into the pipe to facilitate water data logging.

Itron Water meters monitoring locations in Utilities ManagerSensus Water meters monitoring locations in Utilities ManagerKamstrup Water meters monitoring locations in Utilities Manager

Utilities Manager is a software company, we do not install water data loggers directly. However, we will put you in touch with licensed suppliers/contractors who will make a site visit to install a water data logger. This service is available in many countries.

Water Meters sometimes have the necessary pulse cables pre-fitted.  Generally, permission to attach a data logger to the fiscal revenue meter is required from the Water Supplier.  Cutting a secondary meter into your pipe is the alternative.  Most Water Supply companies are very co-operative, appreciating that your organisation wants to monitor and economise (but will charge for the fitting of the pulse cable).

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We know the processes and have a complete list of Water Company contacts so can manage the whole process through to your water data being available 24 /7 in Utilities Manager.  We assist clients install water data loggers on a daily basis.

Some larger sites already have a water logger attached because your Supplier needs live information to manage demand and issue water bills - a data logger produces very accurate meter reads.  If a water data logger is already attached to your main meter we may be able to collect this data automatically from the Water Supply company or data logger manufacturers' server.  Utilities Manager system is compatible with all water data loggers used in the UK.

Once we have access to your water data real saving can be identified and maintained.