Often utilities Data is being collected by the electric, gas and water companies appointed as your suppliers.  Sometimes the data is shared with you in their energy management portal and this is certainly useful.  However, wouldn't it be ideal to access all your data in one on-going on-line system.  Exactly, this service is available for Utilities Manager clients.

Your data is automatically collected from the utilities companies data collectors by our server, using whatever mechanism is needed.  Our software team has coded scripts for most data suppliers and if a new system is needed, we'll make it work for you.

With all the data gathered onto Utilities Manager cloud based server we'll prepare the reports needed for your company accounts and provide daily usage information for each location across your organisation.  Very specific monitoring is designed into Utilities Manager so we can assist with tracking maximum daily demand, dual tariff bill validation and many other complex matters.  The Utilities Manager system is offered to all clients on a Software as a Service (SaaS) basis.  For our users this means that costs are kept low because all system developments are available to all our client users.  If client X requires functions X,Y and Z our policy is to develop these functions as a universal upgrade to the system for all clients to enjoy.

Another key benefit of using Utilities Manager is our independence from your utilities suppliers, consider what happens when you change your electricity supply. As an ex-customer access to the supplier data panel is closed so your historical data can not be viewed.  For Utilities Manager users this change is of little consequence as we simply arrange to receive the data from your next utility supplier attaching it to continue without interrupting reports and monitoring.