Utilities Manager | your Energy Management partner

Utilities Manager Limited is not an energy brokerage service or bill validation service, although the data analysis tools for utilities graphing, benchmarking, cost | carbon reporting and estate management are certainly better than those available to single service specialists.

What we do is reduce your electricity, gas and water wastage by informing you about changes in consumption around your property portfolio.

We take incomprehensible utility usage data and convert it into easy to use graphs, charts and reports for your organisation, even providing bench-marking and forecasting tools.

Question - Do Utilities useage charts and weekly reports make a difference?

Our clients will definitely say yes.  The cost of installing hardware plus receiving and reviewing the data is insignificant compared with the savings.  Plus, meeting your social / corporate obligation to actively pursue a greener and environmentally responsible utilities policy.  Fine words, but how does the data help?

Take the Care Home with unexplained higher water usage.  Utilities Manager has AMR water data from several care home groups for over five years.  We know how much water should be used per resident each year.  One Care Home was always at the top of the bench-marking comparisons, due in part to a continuous night-time flow.  The site manager and then our partner leak detection company checked the building for any leaks, none found.  It was confirmed that the water supply systems was good - all the usual suspect areas such as toilet cisterns and tap washers were water tight but the "leakage" continued.

This care home had a very good reputation for its catering.  Eventually it was discovered that the chef cleaned the potatoes by leaving them in sink with over-night running water.  This human behaviour was costing several thousand pounds per year and making a large greenhouse gas emissions footprint.  Soon as this behavioural change was made the care home moved to near the top of the bench marking efficiency report.

We can help your in-house energy department by reporting the live overview information.  Or, if you don't have skilled energy staff simply out-source the entire energy management process to us.