Every minute millions of electric, gas and water revenue meters click forward by a few units, a % of these units are wasteful consumption.  

Utilities Manager Bureau Service, on a daily basis helps clients understand when and where savings can be achieved.

So what exactly happens?  Why do Utilities Manager's clients re-new service contracts and recommend us to other businesses?

Action Alarms in Utilities Manager

Utilities Manager system collects automated meter readings (AMR) data from water, electric, gas and PV system FIT meters.

Utilities Manager system alarms

Utilities Manager data server checks daily for data loggers not transmitting the automated meter readings (AMR).

Human review of Utilities AMR graphs

Algorithms checking utility consumption are very useful for quickly finding the obvious issues that our client need to know about.

However, the human eye / brain will register subtle changes in consumption profile that algorithms might not detect.

Weekly location reports from Utilities Manager Bureau Service

Subscriber to Utilities Manager have access to weekly location reports

The reports are auto generated using the automated meter readings data (AMR).  These reports are available for all weeks since the amr data was added to Utilities Manager.

customised traffic light water reports

Utilities Manager software presents data in a clear, easy to understand format for graphs, reports, forecasts and benchmarking.