Utilities Manager works with education authorities and local councils.  Across a wide range of school buildings a 30% reduction in water cost is being maintained.

Utilities Manager Bureau service includes daily monitoring of water usage and immediate notifications about leaks or trending upward usage.  Buildings do have issues with water supply and leaks but we keep a very keen eye on AMRs. The red area of the bar charts represent the amount of water measured as continuous flow. Utilities Manager works on the principle that at some point in the week baseflow consumption should be zero. Therefore any on-going flow above zero is considered a loss.  The report extracts from a secondary school show that large buildings, with multiple possible points of water waste, can reduce continuous flows to zero.  

Secondary school typical water usage

Secondary school typical water usage

This is a typical profile of leak incidents for a large state secondary school, built post WWII, with extensive playing fields and additional buildings added since the building was opened.

In March 2010, when the data logger providing AMR was first installed, the school used 116 m3 water / week.  In week 23 of 2017 water usage was 65m3, this is a 56% reduction in water used.  The water used by each pupil on an annual basis is reduced from 5.8m3 to 2.6 m3.

The monetary value of this saving is approximately £6000 each year.

How does this secondary school compare with others in the borough?

redacted secondary school benchmarking report for water usage per pupil year

The bigger picture is that the nine secondary schools in this user account are using 30% less water, in the above report 461m3 less each week, saving in excess of £45,000 p.a.. 

This saving is typical of the results achieved by all Utilities Manager's clients with multiple sites.  It is a certainty that both major leaks such as underground pipe bursts and routine component failures in washrooms will happen around a multiple site organisation.  It is also a certainty the Utilities Manager Bureau service will detect these events and place a call to the facilities manager within a day of the data arriving.  The routine is that all site are monitored daily.

Utilities Manager aM&T portal receives AMR data from thousands of buildings every day.  If you suspect you are using too much water, electricity or gas we will be able to advise.  Initially, we'll look at look at your bills and discuss the buildings before making recommendations.

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