Bench marking in Utilities Manager helps compare buildings accurately

A simple method to bench mark your buildings against the rest of your sector

The option to include other similar buildings anonymously enables single building users, such as schools, to compare usage of water, electricity or gas with the most efficient buildings, in each sector, that are monitored by Utilities Manager.

The above example compares kWh used by each employee in a building.  The data clearly reports that Harbor Power HQ has inefficiencies, perhaps it needs new LED lighting or investment in energy efficient IT equipment.  Perhaps the Buildings Facilities Management team will know the reasons for the wide range in kWh consumption per employee per year around the estate, if not Utilities Manager can provide consultancy services to support identifying variations in utility usage.

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Decisions about priorities with reference to efficiency ROI payback or reductions in your carbon footprint are much easier with all the relevant data converted into clear reports from Utilities Manager.  When combined with the pro-active support from our Office Team decision making becomes a breeze.

The bench-marking function in Utilities Manager adds value to your AMR (automated meter readings) data.

The above example from a demo account compares the electricity kWh consumption per employee per year.  Three out of the four locations show an improvement since the AMR equipment was installed.  The location Harbor Power HQ requires attention, perhaps it is next on the list for LED lighting installation.