“Great service” Claire Brown, Energy and Environmental Manager, Lancashire Constabulary
“very satisfied with work so far” Mr P Herbert, Facilities Manager, Teesside High School
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“Very pleased with results so far” Wendi Wheeler, Energy Manager, Redcar & Cleveland Borough Council
Real time information about the status of your data
“Excellent service” Neil Pringle, Senior Engineering Technician, Newcastle International Airport
Monitor the effects of on site actions
“More than met expectations” Energy Manager - Northumberland, Tyne and Wear NHS Trust - Newcastle
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“Work of a very high standard” Mrs Ethel Wilson, Allotment Officer, Sunderland City Council
Human review of Utilities consumption

Algorithms checking utility consumption are very useful for quickly finding the obvious issues that our client need to know about.

However, the human eye / brain will register subtle changes in consumption profile that algorithms might not detect.

Our lead developer lists Artificial Intelligence as an interest on his Linkedin page and leads the team in preparing very good code solutions for reviewing AMR data, however human input into Utilities Manager Bureau Service is very important and reassures clients.

In the administrator area of Utilities Manager software are three pages that stack all the required consumption profile graphs in a long page designed for a continuous scroll through.  The graph can be either seven days, twenty-eight days or thirteen weeks.

For subscribers to Utilities Manager Bureau Service there is a certainly that a human will review your consumption profile on a daily basis.

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